CR Coils & Sheets are available in any size and thickness (0.30mm to 4mm) as per requirements. CR Sheets and plates are mostly used in automotive industries, electrical & electronic goods, panel applications and office equipment and furniture.

Today's cold rolled sheet products are much improved over those used in the past. They offer better control of thickness, shape, width, surface finish, and other special quality features that complement the emerging need for highly engineered end user applications.

Cold rolled sheet products are used in a wide variety of end applications such as appliances - refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other small appliances, automobiles - exposed as well as unexposed parts, electric motors, and bathtubs. Cold rolled sheet products are used in these and many other areas of manufacturing. To meet the various end user requirements, cold-rolled sheet products are metallurgical designed to provide specific attributes such as high formability, deep drivability, high strength, high dent resistance, good magnetic properties, enamel ability, and printability.

The primary feature of cold reduction is to reduce the thickness of hot-rolled coils into thinner thicknesses that are not generally attainable in the hot rolled state. Clearly, controlling the sheet thickness along the entire length of the coil is very important to ensure that the product will perform consistently during the processing by the end user. In addition, there are a number of other product attributes that need to be controlled in the cold reduction process. Flatness (deviation from a flat plane) is one of the more important attributes. Very sophisticated strip-shape controlling technology is used to maintain good flatness. Surface finish is another product attribute that needs to be controlled during the cold-reduction process.