Caliber of sharing (NC &CNC)


  • 5mtr. Length, 0.3mm to 6mm thickness of sheets & Plates.
  • 2mtr. Length, 16 mm thickness of sheets & Plates.


Our Industries offers exclusively Cutting and Bending Services. Our Industries provides these services for the Stainless steel and Mild Steel Components. These services are provided by our proficient team of experts using high-grade and technically advanced tools and machines. Our work is done as per the client’s needs and specifications. Shear the plates with clean square edges and close working Tolerances with variable Rake angles.


* Easy Installation
* Efficient performance
* Rust resistance
* Dimensionally correct
* Tilting type knife is used to cut
* High durability because overall structure is of frame welding.
* Smooth and fast operation.
* Up and down blade gap is adjustable type.
* High speed, High accuracy and high precision.